No Barnum & Bailey Act But We’re Trying

Article by Rich Donnell, Editor-in-Chief, Timber Processing September 2020 – If you didn’t know any better, you would think the Timber Processing & Energy Expo, scheduled for September 30 to October 2…

Wish You Were Here (Or I Was There)

Article by Jessica Johnson, Senior Associate Editor, Timber Processing July/August 2020 – Okay, I am just going to come out and say it—I hate Zoom; Google Hangouts; Microsoft Teams; Apple Facetime; Facebook Live; Instagram Live. All of it is literally…

We’re Learning A Lot About What We Can Do

Article by Rich Donnell, Editor-in-Chief, Timber Processing June 2020 – A special thank you goes out to the nearly 200 softwood and hardwood lumbermen who completed our annual Sawmill Operations & Capital Expenditure Survey…

Remaining Hopeful

Article by Jessica Johnson, Senior Associate Editor, Timber Processing May 2020 – I am grateful that everyone I’ve talked to in the industry is healthy and operating, if not at a normal pace at least somewhere in the ballpark. Some places are feeling…

Our Industry Is On A Mission

Article by Rich Donnell, Editor-in-Chief, Timber Processing April 2020 – If you’re looking for optimism during the coronavirus crisis, you might turn to page 54. It’s the same “coming events” listing page that runs in every issue. That’s the point…

What Is An Encoder Anyway?

Article by Rich Donnell, Editor-in-Chief, Timber Processing March 2020 – We’ve been having some fun with sawmill terminology lately. We always so when we hire a new editor fresh out of college, who has been a sportswriter, and who is…

Family Matters To Fritz Mason

Article by Jessica Johnson, Senior Associate Editor, Timber Processing January/February 2020 – It’s time for the 32nd annual announcement of the Timber Processing Person of the Year—a time that always excites me. I am a bit of a person of the…

99 Years And Counting

Article by David Abbott, Senior Associate Editor, Timber Processing November 2019 – “Gee, ain’t it funny how time slips away,” Willie Nelson sings in what is probably one of the great American songwriter’s less well remembered gems…

Arizona Seeks Huge Forest Investment

Article by Dan Shell, Senior Editor, Timber Processing October 2019 – Lumber-producing companies make investments all the time to capitalize on targeted resources and wood baskets. What kind of investment would it take to handle…

Getting The Kids To Join Up

I keep running into long-time acquaintances at lumber industry events who tell me they’re about to retire. This always depresses me, because for one thing it means I probably…

Latest News

Single-Family Housing Starts Go Up

According to the U.S. Census Bureau monthly new residential construction report, U.S. single-family housing starts continued their climb in August, reaching 1.021 million, a 4.1% increase over July and 12% above August a year ago….

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Oregon Road Closures Hit Log Truck Routes

Oregon forest products operators are facing more challenges thanks to the indefinite closure of key state highway transportation routes that connect the high Cascades and central Oregon with key log markets in the Willamette…

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Louisiana Mills Endure Hurricane Laura

The first major hurricane of the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season, Hurricane Laura, made landfall at peak intensity in Cameron, La. on August 27. The storm was the 10th-strongest U.S. hurricane to make landfall by…

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Vecoplan VPC Pre-Crusher

Bulky wood waste such as crates, pallets and cable reels can now be efficiently pre-processed with Vecoplan’s VPC Pre-Crusher machine. The VPC is designed to be paired with any Vecoplan shredder to increase output by 50–200%. Outfitted with…

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