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Cover: 2021 Person Of The Year

Robert B. Jordan, IV, president and CEO of the Jordan Family of Companies, is the 2021 Timber Processing Person of the Year, 14 years after his father, Bob Jordan, received the annual award, now in its 33RD year.

Timber Processing Jan/Feb 2021 cover

Inside This Issue

The Issues: Focus On The Family

The irony is not lost on me that here we are, in the beginning of the year, with another dynamic (and incredibly deserving) industry titan gracing the cover of this magazine as our Person of the Year, and I am once again about to start, as my kids would call it, blathering about his family. But here I go: I am going to blather about his family.


Article by Jessica Johnson, Senior Associate Editor, Timber Processing

  • Biewer Plans Second SYP Greenfield Mill
  • Mission Forest Products Mill Places Order
  • Sawmill Finds New Home
  • Arizona Tries To Find Footing
  • Idaho Forest Looks South
  • Jasper-Tolko Will Triple Output
  • Austria’s Binderholz Wins Auction Again
  • Hankins Lumber Plans Timbers Sawmill
  • Two Conferences Announce Dates (LINK to PELICE and BIO)
  • New Relief Act Includes Loggers
  • Familiar Face Is Behind Peak Renewables
  • CEOs Address Climate Change
  • USFA Sold 3.2 Billion BF
  • UFP Industries Buys PalletOne
  • Bamboo Mill Gains Steam
  • West Fraser Buys Norbord
  • American Wood Council Elects Brodie As Chair

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Better Drying

EFFINGHAM, South Carolina – About 15 years ago, Andy Pollard of Pollard Lumber, Appling, Georgia, gained a patent for a dual path continuous dry kiln where parallel charges of lumber are conveyed in opposite directions so that the dry lumber going out preheats and conditions the green lumber going in, and the green lumber gives off moisture that conditions the dry lumber as the two lines pass one another (a technology for which Pollard in subsequent years gained improvement patents, while starting up a kiln of his own and licensing the technology to others). Now, Charles Ingram Lumber has taken the technology and tweaked it into another patent for what it calls the NOREV DPK (dual path kiln).

Article by Patrick Dunning, Associate Editor, Timber Processing

Marks' Forest Health Role

CLANCY, Montana – Located just south of Helena, Marks Lumber may be small compared to high production mills, but owner Steve Marks is looking to make a significant impact on the region and overall industry by highlighting the integral role the industry plays in maintaining healthy forests, ecosystems and rural economies.

Article by Dan Shell, Senior Editor, Timber Processing

PART 4: The Sawmill – Ultimate Guide To Moisture Control

Before reaching the kiln, the sawmill provides the first opportunity in lumber processing to recognize benefit from today’s advanced moisture sensing technologies.

Article supplied by Finna Sensors and written by Stuart Harries for Finna

  • Gordon Started Up Valon Kone U.S.
  • Tschopp Orders USNR Saw Line
  • Rambler Wood Products Plans New Mill Operation
  • HS Timber Group Will Build Sawmill
  • F.S. Stoltze Chooses Lucidyne GradeScan
  • Collums Lumber Is Upgrading Log Line with ELI
  • Ben Crim Retires From Hood Industries
  • Russ Taylor Forms Consulting Firm
  • Hood Names Newbill As Director – EHS
  • Seneca Paid Off PPP Loan
  • Collins Leads Carbon Project
  • IKEA Partner Buys More Timberland
  • Dippel Retires From Seneca

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Growing Wisdom

Article by Jessica Johnson, Senior Associate Editor, Timber Processing

MT. GILEAD, North Carolina – Fifty-nine year old Robert Jordan, IV has been around his family’s sawmill business his whole life. Started by his grandfather in 1939, then run by his father and uncle, and now run by himself – sawmilling is what he knows. It comes as natural to him as breathing, and without his family’s sawmills, one in Mt. Gilead, North Carolina and one in Barnesville, Georgia that combine to produce 500MMBF of SYP annually, he says he would be lost.

Sure, Jordan Lumber and Supply, Inc. could yield a bucketful of money for the Jordan family by selling out, and he admits to having received some flattering offers over the years. But Jordan says the core business, the Mt. Gilead sawmill, will not be for sale during his lifetime.

“My father convinced me that we can help more people over time by staying our course,” he emphasizes. “I am delighted to have great faith in the fourth generation, some of whom are already proving they can be trustworthy and innovative leaders. So basically, we have no need to sell and I also need something to do.”

And that’s just whom Jordan is. He’s a straight shooter who embraces innovative leadership within his family, has great faith in his sons, Wes, Vince and Landon, and also son-in-law Gil Shaw, and perhaps most importantly realizes the impact his family’s business has on the community at large. Something, Jordan learned from his father.

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