Lucidyne Becomes Microtec Corvallis

Corvallis, Ore.-based Lucidyne Technologies, which was purchased in 2020 by Microtec, is now named Microtec Corvallis as Microtec finalizes its branding integration plans.

Last year, following its acquisitions of Finscan and Woodeye, Microtec rebranded Finscan as Microtec Espoo and Woodeye as Microtec Linköping in Europe.

In addition, Microtec has announced that the former Springer-Microtec in Vancouver becomes Microtec Vancouver. It reports to Microtec Corvallis which becomes the hub for the North American market as well as Australia and New Zealand.

“Lucidyne’s excellent AI technology and outstanding service quality combined with a significantly expanded product portfolio and Microtec’s global experience is the basis for a new strong player in the North American market,” explains Frank Jöst, CEO of Microtec.

“We are very proud to be able to expand the competencies in the field of artificial intelligence for Europe with our U.S. know-how,” emphasizes Patrick Freeman, former CTO of Lucidyne and now CTO of Microtec.

With the brand integration of Lucidyne, Microtec’s turquoise is now the distinctive color of the leading scanner solutions for the wood industry worldwide.

The company’s headquarters remain in Bressanone, Italy, with additional branches in Finland, Sweden and Germany.

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