Roofs made from wood are one or the rarest roof types to find around these days, as concrete slab and shingles take over, according to Choice Solutions Roofing and Exteriors Co. In Oklahoma City.

Wood is not seen as strong as some other materials when it comes to construction, but in general well-maintained roofs made of wood can have a lifespan that ranges from 30 to 50 years. Having a wooden structure on top of a house has several good qualities, and it can look great. Here are some examples of wooden structures which are not the average roof that will provide an idea of how unique and marvelous structure topped off with wood can become.

The Centre Pompidou Metz has a hexagonal pattern of a load-bearing timber roof structure which is visible at night through its transparent covering membrane. It is interesting to know that the inspiration of the roof comes from a woven Chinese hat. Before this one-of-a-kind structure was created, it was studied from every angle to ensure that it would withhold heavy weather conditions. This woven like structure roof is made out of wooden beams, spaced 2.90 meters apart, forming a hexagon pattern that is 90 meters wide.

The timber used is glue laminated which enables the different lengths of the beams and makes them more resistant. It is without a doubt an astounding structure due to its complex curves and counter curves and therefore it is one of the most challenging and largest structure built up to date.

The mesh can allow the roof to expand 40 meters, made from protective fabric which consists of fiberglass and Teflon, forming a membrane over the wooden structure. This layer helps the inside temperature to stay natural. This building was created for displaying art and the goal behind the innovative structure was to draw tourism to Metz, France.

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