During this first half of 2012, some faint glimmers of hope have appeared for the recovery of home construction markets, perhaps in the not-too-distant future.

Building permits are up one month, down a bit the next. Indexes measuring builder confidence have reached a plateau, while production volume of southern pine lumber runs ahead of last year’s pace-a good sign. Uncertainty prevails. The lumber industry remains cautiously optimistic, recalling the last prosperous days of 2005, when a modern-era record of 19 billion bd. ft. of southern pine was produced; 13.34 billion bd. ft. was produced in 2011.

With those facts as context, SP lumber dealers can rest assured that America’s first lumber species will be readily available in a wide range of sizes and grades to meet the demands of most any construction project. Add the features of pressure treatment with the latest preservatives, southern pine outshines non-wood alternatives for building outdoors, too, or where conditions for decay and termite attack warrant added protection from the elements.

The Southern Forest Products Association provides a collection of resources to help dealers and distributors improve their southern pine sales. SFPA materials not only help train employees, but also educate customers on the proper selection and application of SP lumber. Dealers know the value southern pine provides for their customers: dependable strength, exceptional treatability, and attractive appearance. And on a daily basis, SFPA supports dealers and distributors with the sales help they need.

From Building-Products.com: http://www.building-products.com/readArticles.aspx?ID=5246