The weather up until last week was helping the rebuild of Lakeland Mills. The ground on the new mill was broken on July 22 and so far no major hiccups have occurred, as the first quarter is coming to a close on construction.

“The rebuild is going well,” said Greg Stewart, president and CEO of Sinclar Forest Products, principal owners of the Lakeland operation.

The Lakeland sawmill facility was destroyed by a massive explosion and fire on April 23, 2012. The planer mill, company offices, district energy system and other company infrastructure survived the blast but Sinclar had a decision to make over rebuilding another lumber factory.

The provincial government and various investigational agencies have yet to disclose their conclusions as to the cause of the 2012 disaster, which killed two and injured more than 20 more, but the company nonetheless chose to move ahead with a rebuild.

“From a weather perspective we have been fortunate with such a mild fall,” Stewart said. “We had a little bit of an issue with preparing the ground for foundations but we are still on track and optimistic that fall 2014 will be our startup date.”

From The Prince George Citizen: