Roseburg Forest Products, a privately held forest products company with a long history of conservation and promoting sound and sustainable forestry practices, is extending its sustainability commitment to renewable energy.

“Sustainably managing all aspects of our business is essential to the long-term viability of the company,” said Chuck Ulik, Chief Operating Officer. “Access to clean, efficient energy is an ever-present need for Roseburg Forest Products. Fortunately, Pacific Power’s Blue Sky Renewable Energy Program is providing our company the opportunity to join with others in helping to fund the development of renewable energy. We are confident that programs like Blue Sky will help us collectively find and develop sustainable alternatives for meeting the emerging energy needs of our company, communities, and nation.”

Founded by Kenneth Ford as Roseburg Lumber Co. in 1936, the company has been a leading southern Oregon employer for decades. Roseburg Forest Products is one of the nation’s larger privately held forest products companies, with more than 3,000 employees in six states. The company also owns more than 600,000 acres of timberlands in Oregon and Northern California.

The Roseburg plants in Dillard, North Bend, Coquille, Riddle, Ore. and Weed, Calif. together will purchase 3,580 100-kilowatt-hour blocks per month through Blue Sky. The Blue Sky purchase has tangible environmental benefits. Over the course of a year, the company’s commitment avoids putting nearly 2,600 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and is the environmental equivalent of avoiding nearly 5.1 million miles worth of driving.

Blue Sky provides Pacific Power customers a way to support wind powered generation and other renewable energy sources such as solar, low-emissions biomass and geothermal. Supporting renewable energy through the voluntary Blue Sky program helps stimulate even more investment in new renewable generation facilities.