Remodelers Report
Material Shortages

Though markets have cooled a bit going into the fourth quarter 2020, remodelers reported extensive materials shortages during third quarter 2020, according to a survey conducted by the National Assn. of Homebuilders (NAHB) for its Remodeling Market Index.

The survey asked if remodelers were seeing “some shortage” or “serious shortage” in various categories of building materials and supplies. Looking at product categories, the one cited by most remodelers (77%) was framing lumber, and a third of those reported serious shortages. Plywood and OSB shortages, respectively, were reported by 63% of remodelers with 17% and 18%, respectively, reporting serious shortages. The report covered a broad list of materials, with third quarter shortages also reported for millwork (45%), trusses (43%), hardwood flooring (32%) and ceramic tiles (32%). Officials note that the NAHB’s building material Producer Price Index for softwood lumber has almost doubled the five months prior to October, the largest increase since 1975.

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