Wagner Meters is pleased to announce a new forum focused on the drying of softwoods. The forum is available at KilnDrying.org. Relevant topics as well as respected industry experts are brought to one website to foster discussions, answer questions and share knowledge. Forum topics will cover every aspect of kiln drying, including topics such as dry kiln maintenance, sorting and stacking lumber, dry kiln control and drying defects.

“Everybody has questions about drying and, while nobody has all the answers, there’s a good chance that somebody does have an answer for most questions,” says Dr. Mike Milota. “This forum will be especially important for kiln personnel who are the only ones that understand drying at a mill and have no in-house expert to turn to.” Mike looks forward to learning from those who actually dry wood.

Joining the forum experts panel is Dr. Joe Denig, Dr. Mike Milota and Tim Duncan. A professor for over 25 years at North Carolina State University, Dr. Denig has worked with the lumber manufacturing industry providing education and training from the basic skills of a kiln operator to improving management decision-making. Dr. Milota, hailing from the west coast, is a respected wood drying expert and professor at Oregon State University. Mr. Duncan has a BS degree in Physics from University of California, Berkeley and a Masters in Business Administration from Capella University. He has used his engineering background to build a career around research and developing state of the art moisture measurement systems for Wagner Meters.