Mellott Manufacturing Log Flare Butt Reducer

By customer request Mellott Manufacturing Co., Inc. is now offering the model 70E log flare butt reducer—designed and built with the same rugged quality as the LMR debarkers and all the Mellott product lines. Adding a log flare butt reducer to a mill infeed system will vastly reduce log handling problems and improve productivity, according to the company.

The Mellott log butt flare reducer standard unit will handle 12 in. to 48 in. diameter logs with a maximum flare diameter of 60 in. and log lengths of 8 ft. up to 17 ft. The Mellott cutterhead design has a 14 in. diameter with 28 in. wide sectional steel using 48 reversible teeth and a 3 15/16 in. shaft. A 100 HP, 1200 RPM, electric motor direct-coupled to the drive shaft, drives the cutterhead. The overhead hold down wheels can be operated with hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders. As featured on the Mellott LMR debarkers, the log butt flare reducer also has solid cast steel alloy bull-wheels with Browning HS1 hubs and bushings. The bull-wheel shafts are 3 7/16 in. diameter with split urethane lined pillow block bearings. The bull-wheels are driven with a 10 HP Sumitomo helical bevel reducer. The machine has an automatic control system with the option of a wireless remote control.

The log butt flare reducer can be used as a standalone machine or supplied with infeed decks or log trough conveyors from Mellott.


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