Hampton Lumber is purchasing the Fort St. James, BC sawmill and associated forest license from Conifex Timber Inc. for $39 million plus the market value of finished lumber and log inventory at closing.

Ken Shields, Conifex Chair and CEO, comments: “The decision to sell the mill was extremely difficult; however, we are encouraged by Hampton’s plans for the site. We believe this transaction supports the Province’s objectives for industry rationalization that is mindful of the impacts on people, communities and First Nations.”

Hampton Lumber operates nine sawmills in Oregon, Washington and British Columbia, including two in the Burns Lake area of British Columbia. Hampton Lumber CEO, Steve Zika comments, “While economic conditions are extremely challenging right now for the lumber industry in British Columbia, we believe the long-term outlook for Canadian lumber is promising. We intend to build a new sawmill in Fort St. James and look forward to building relationships with local First Nations and other community partners similar to a successful joint venture we have with the Burns Lake Native Development Corporation in the Burns Lake area.”