The Suwannee County Board of County Commissioners voted to deed a 155 acre property at Live Oak, Fla. for $1, with stipulations, to the Austrian company, Klausner, which plans to build a large southern pine sawmill near the interchange of US 90 West and I-10.

Klausner reportedly has 18 months from the date the property is deeded to install a slab of concrete in the log yard. If the company fails to meet the requirements, the county can reclaim ownership of the property.

Also, if by January 1, 2014 the company has 86 full-time employees, the county will terminate the lien.

In June, Klausner President of International Business Development Thomas Mende told the county administrator that the county should be responsible for repairing four areas on the site that were deemed a potential risk for a sinkhole. However, the county voted to take no action and said the county’s obligatory site clearance work had been satisfactorily completed.

Klausner is also planning to build a sawmill at Enfield, NC, and has considered building a third near Rowesville, SC.