Bandit Industries, Remus, Mich., recently received an Environmental Protection Agency award in recognition of efforts to reduce hazardous chemicals through the National Partnership for Environmental Priorities (NPEP) program. The award was presented to Bandit Industries at its headquarters in Remus, followed by a short presentation from the EPA.

Bandit Facilities Manager Louie Jensen conducted an inventory of mercury-containing devices at the company’s facilities. Mercury is a metal contained in many consumer and commercial products, typically used in extremely small amounts weighing mere ounces. Should this mercury become exposed, vapor from the metal can be absorbed through the lungs that may result in adverse health effects. Upon completion of the inventory, Bandit Industries decided to move forward with the replacement of these devices, using products not containing mercury. As a result of these efforts, Bandit was able to remove three pounds of mercury from its facilities.

Bandit Industries was recognized for mercury reductions taken at the plant as part of the NPEP program, which is focused on promoting source reduction, working to identify environmentally preferable alternatives, fostering technology transfer and cultivating collaborative relationships between EPA and public and private organizations.