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Arxada Teams With ICONX

Arxada and ICONX Chemicals, in partnership with service provider Zee Water & Energy, announced a new distribution partnership for AntiBlu and Mycostat products in the Eastern half of the U.S.

Arxada’s antisapstain chemicals, including anti-mold and anti-fungals, brighteners, and defoamers, bring cleaner and brighter wood to the marketplace and protect the value of wood products. The products have protected wood products successfully in the sawmill market for decades. ICONX Chemicals is a complete source of high-quality specialty chemicals for sawmills, toll blenders, and water treatment service companies and will distribute Arxada’s broad line of antisapstain chemicals through their preferred service provider Zee Water & Energy.

The Arxada and ICONX team, in partnership with Zee Water & Energy, are equipped to provide on-site technical support and analytical services along with customized engineering and marketing services to meet your wood protection needs. Look for the companies at upcoming trade shows and industry events such as Southeastern Lumber Manufacturers Assn. (SLMA).

Contact Brian Delbrueck ([email protected]), Miles Stoffer ([email protected]), and Lesa Johnson ([email protected]).

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