The reconstruction of the Eacom sawmill in Timmins is just a couple of months from being completed. It will be take longer, however, before mill operators can settle back and declare the job done.

“We expect the construction to be finalized within the next two months,” explained Guy Fleury, general manager of the Timmins sawmill.

However, the mill and the new equipment that was installed needs to be run for at least a full year while exposed to different conditions in order to evaluate their performance.

“For example, we go from extreme cold conditions and really frozen logs coming from frozen swamps to insect, heat and dust problems in the summer,” Fleury explained. “Running a full year is necessary in order to maximize the sawmill efficiency in all weather conditions as well as addressing fiber differences from harvesting in the different seasons.”

Eacom has invested about $25 million to rebuild the mill, much of which was destroyed by a large fire in January 2012. The mill was shut down for more than a year as a result. Reconstruction began last year.

From The Timmins Press: