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A&M Manufacturing

At A&M Manufacturing, our goal is to provide equipment, service and expertise in a timely manner at an affordable price.

Advanced Sawmill Machinery

We know that it takes a lot more than a pretty paint job to make a durable, low maintenance machine. Our carriage for example uses far fewer parts than most of our competition. Each knee is assembled using precision machined components that are keyed to match the carriage frame. The result is an easy to maintain machine that requires no realignment or shimming. At ASM we know, “machines that don’t break” are machines that make money.

Alderman’s Saw Shop

In business since 1971, Alderman’s Saw Shop has continued to provide customers with quality products and service. To meet the need of the lumber industry, Alderman’s Saw Shop is dedicated to keeping your blades in the absolute best condition possible.

American Wood Dryers

Producing Quality Lumber Is Paramount to keeping customers and market share in today’s competitive environment. With profit margins thin and kiln dried quality critical, it pays to add value with American Wood Dryer kilns and controls. Quality kilns and controls by American Wood Dryers give you a strategic advantage and provide the lumber drying information you need to be profitable.


950MD Linear Transducer Housing

  • Contaminant Resistant; High Shock Durability

CATRAC Cable & Hose Carriers

  • Withstands Sever Shock Loads; All Steel Construction; Corrosion Resistant; Prevents Twisting and Wear

DC Magnetic Shoe Brakes

  • Spring Applied, Electrically Released; Asbestos Free Linings; Series or Shunt Coils

Andritz Iggesund Tools

We spend a lot of time on a few great things. Our powerheads are one of these. You may rarely look at them, but you’ll always know they work for you day after day.

Armstrong Manufacturing

For over 100 years, Armstrong Manufacturing company’s machinery & tools have been utilized in virtually every sawmill in North America and holds a large presence globally.

Baxley Equipment

Appearance Grade Edger Optimizer. Just what the industry has been waiting for; a reliable, affordable, proven optimizer that senses knots and other defects and adjusts the edger solution to maximize the value of your wood. Baxley’s long history of leadership in the optimization and scanning business, has added a significant new weapon to its arsenal – the appearance grade optimizer.

Ben Jones Machinery

The Industry’s Most Trusted Source for Quality Used Sawmill and Secondary Processing Machinery.

  • Conveyors and Material Handling Systems of ALL Types
  • High Quality Used Conveyors Customized to Suit Your Operation
  • Expert Advice Based on Years of Sawmill Experience

BEP Engineering

Prime consultant to the Forest Industry for over 33 years. We have developed an understanding & desire to develop, with our clients the optimum solution(s) for project development requirements to achieve the results necessary to be successful in the market.

Big On Dry

BIGonDRY provides equipment and cutting edge systems for drying, evaporation and heat treatment (HT according to the guidelines ISPM 15 FAO) of wood, with the aim to provide its customers maximum reliability and quality of products and service, the order to satisfy in full all expectations.

Bongioanni SRL

To Manufacture customised saw mills, to offer reliable, long-lasting and highly productive products, to supply a professional and in real-time after sale service is what distinguish Bongioanni in the wood working field.

Brunson Instrument

Like many mills, the economic downturn has challenged an industry leading company to increase profitability levels while volumes waned. A Maintenance Manager recognized “good enough is no longer good enough” and began looking for ways to improve recovery. Naturally any new technology is met with some skepticism, but through bringing together a team of dedicated technicians and Brunson experience in precision measurements, a new alignment norm was established.

Can Am Chains

Can-Am Chains is a premier manufacturer of a wide variety of welded steel, specialty chains and attachments, sleeve bearings and sprockets, for the forest products industry.

Capital City Sharpening

Created to fill a specific need, Capital City Sharpening & Sales, Inc. helps to make your business more successful. The need was apparent to those in the industries for quality craftsmanship in repairing cutting tools. We offer combined experience of more years than any other company in our field.

Cat Forest Products

Your bottom line is healthier if your machines are on the move. The new Cat MH3037 puts all daily service points in easy reach. Other features to improve machine life and reduce operating costs include an automatic lubrication system, plain-language alerts and a system that tells you when maintenance is due. Your operator is healthier, too. Slips and falls are reduced with ground-level cab access whether the cab is in front, behind or to one side of the machine. Your business health and your operator’s safety — that’s what we’re built to deliver.

Cemar Electro

Industrial Strength; Patented Linear Optics; 48-hour Repair Service; Powershift Technology; 2-year Warranty

Claussen All-Mark International

Over 30 Years Experience!

  • Lumber Mill Grade Printers; Panel Mill Grade Printers; Laminated Beam Printers; Wet Ink & Ink Roll System
  • Edge/Dual Edge Printers; Stud Printers & Stripe Markers; Ink & Ink Rolls – 8 Colors


Canadian Mill Equipment is internationally recognized as an industry leader in the sale and/or brokering of used, reconditioned or rebuilt wood processing equipment.

Comact Equipment

Please note that as of February 24th, 2014, our Southern USA office located in Hot Springs, Arkansas, will be relocated to our new plant in St. George, South Carolina. Our new phone and fax numbers will be:

Phone: 843 563-7070
Fax: 843 563-7452

Cone Machinery

Welcome to Cone Machinery, Inc., manufacturers of world class Sawmill Machinery for over 25 years. Our South Georgia plant is a 35,000-square-foot facility, including a CNC machine shop, a fabrication department, equipment assembly warehouse, and executive sales offices.

Cooper Machine

Models from 8500 bf to 34,000 bf; No need for boilers or other heat sources; Versatile; Able to dry lumber and pallets (and heat treat) in one kiln; Lower maintenance and operating costs over a conventional kiln; Environmentally friendly, Great option when you need additional drying capacity and don’t want to add another boiler.

Corley Manufacturing

Take a lokk at a complete Corley/Lewis Carriage Package and see how you can maximize your performance, recovery, and results with a Corley Carriage, Lewis Controls Carriage Optimizer, Tyrone-Berry Carriage Drive, Corley Band Mill, and Corley Log Turner.

  • Tilted Carriages; Flat Carriages; Band Mills; Log Turners; Slabbers; Tyrone-Berry Drives; Ready Scan II Optimization; Shape Scan 360; Shape Scan II with front and back scanning; Small Log Optimization; Edger Optimizers

Cut Technologies

Kevin Evans, V.P. USA; Mike Cloutier, President; Mike Weckel, V.P. Canada

No MBAs—Just lifetime experts. Men who have lived your problems. Dedicated to the most advanced technologies in the manufacturing of saw blades, committed to delivering the finest quality of products, highest productivity, cost efficiency and lowest maintenance burden.

D R Reynolds

Licensed General COntractor, Turn-Key Installation, Metal Buildings, Conveyor Manufacturing and Machining Service, Specialized Concrete Foundations.

D.R. Reynolds Company, Inc. would like to sincerely thank all those that have made our success possible over the past 25 years. It is now our goal to continue our reputation of giving quality service for another 25 years. Again, Thank You!

Delta Computer Systems

Make Retrofits easy as 1,2,3.

  1. Connect efficiently to transducers and fieldbuses. Simulate to speed setup and testing.
  2. Control electric, hydraulic and pneumatic closed-loop motion smoothly and precisely.
  3. Optimize swiftly with motion wizards and graphs for more throughput and machine life.

Diacon Technologies

Mycostat helps deliver 5 billion board feet of mold free lumber each year. Stop mold, iron stain and checking before it starts! We can help. Retrofit your mill with our state of the art systems and see the savings with every board foot you process. Ask about how we can provide better ROI throughout the entire supply chain with our turnkey solutions.

East Coast Sawmill Expo

The 34th East Coast Sawmill and Logging Equipment Exposition will be 2014′s largest collection of sawmill, logging, biomass, pallet and related manufacturing equipment, supplies and services in the Eastern United States. Nearly 300 exhibiting companies and thousands of forest products industry people will will convene for the 34th Richmond Show.

Richmond Raceway Complex * Richmond, Virginia; Friday May 16th 9:00a.m. until 5:00p.m. and Saturday May 17, 2014 9:00a.m. until 3:00p.m.

Endurance Equipment

Now from a single source….. Innovative Woodyard and Lumber Handling Systems.

  • Sawmill Woodyards; OSB Woodyards; Biomass Woodyards; Chip Mill Systems

Esterer WD Gmbh

EWD Log Bandmill Technology Slanted 17°

  • More flexibility
  • More value yield
  • Less operators

Expo 2015

Coming… June10-12, 2015 Atlanta’s Georgia World Congress Center

Expo 2015 is your first-class marketplace to reach a quality audience of top management and purchasing executives from around the globe. Every two years, the wood products industry comes here to showcase state-of-the art equipment, technology and services.


- all new grading scanner


Manufacturers of the Patented Variable Pan Geometry Sticker Stacker System. Provides high volume stacking with a single operator. Unique features and simple rugged construction keep your 30 year total cost of ownership at an industry low.

Halco Software Systems

Ensure your production plan truly maximizes profit

  • Sell the right mix
  • Buy/buck the right logs
  • Optimize your optimizers

Harbor Freight Tools

How do we sell high quality tools  at the lowest prices? We cut out the middle man and buy direct from the factories who supply other major brands. It’s just that simple! We stock Automotive Tools, Power Tools, Air Tools and Compressors, Engines and Generators, Welders, Hand Tools, Tool Storage, Tarps and much more.

Heinola Sawmill Machinery

Heinola Sawmill Machinery offers complete turnkey deliveries, covering engineering, manufacturing, installation, and commissioning of sawmill technology.

Sawlines; Edgers; Lumber Handling; Drying Kilns; Chippers; Automation; Heinola Care

HewSaw Machines

In today’s competitive sawmill business, HewSaw is recognized globally as a premier supplier of leading-edge, small and medium log breakdown machines and saw lines. With almost 50 years of experience in wood processing, we know how to help you utilize the valuable forest resource economically, ecologically and profitably.

Hogue Industries

High Speed Dual Fork Stacker.

  • Proven 24+ Layers per minute; All electric and air design;
  • High speed accumulation lift with no leaf chain; Two stackers in one machine

Holtec USA

In today’s economy, finding the reliable path to profits is a challenge. But with the help of a HOLTEC, you can cut costs, squeeze every dollar, and get on the road to real recovery and profit. We know that maximum efficiency, speed and accuracy are the nuts and bolts of our industry. Only the HOLTEC V-Series deliver them all, along with a bankable reduction in labor costs.

Hurdle Machine Works

Mill owners everywhere are realizing that they can make money with a Hurdle Mill. Whether in a large operation or a small 1 mill startup, the Hurdle mill provides proven performance and can be up and running in days, not months allowing you to take full advantage of market opportunities that become available.

Hurst Boiler & Welding

Hurst Biomass systems lead the Alternative Energy boiler market with innovative solid-fuel-combustion and the super efficient “Hybrid” vessel design. Complete modular construction for easy low cost installation. Hurst has 46 years specializing in custom design of biomass steam plants and cogeneration systems.


Rethink timber processing. Register now to experience the World of Woodworking.

Iggesund Tools

Iggesund Tools is a world leader in the field of wood chipping and debarking technologies. The company designs and produces tooling systems and products for the forest products industry in the sectors of debarking, lumber production, chipping technology and chip analysis, offering such services as the TurnKnife system and the ScanChip Analyzer.

Integrated Environmental

Sonic Aire 2.0 uses our proven Clean Fan Technology to create an overhead barrier to control fugitive dust. But the SonicAire 2.0 fan uses new technology designed to combat the problems unique to heavier fugitive dust. The SonicAire 2.0 fan can be the last investment you make for the highest level of clean. Even better, it can pay for itself in a year.


Looking for a Challenging and Rewarding Career? At Interfor, our focus is achieving excellence in everything we do. This drives our people and grows our business. With people as the foundation of our Company, we are responsible for our own success.

Intermob Istanbul 2014

27th International Wood Processing Machines, Cutting Tools, Hand Tools Fair

17th International Furniture Side Industry, Accessories, Forestry Products and Wood Technology Fair

Visit for more information.

  • +90.212.867.11.00

James G Murphy

Founded in 1970 by James G. Murphy, the James G. Murphy Co. has built a solid reputation of success based on a commitment to service, a high standard of professionalism, and the belief that 90% of an auction takes place before the sale.


5 year warranty – for 7 years running. Reliability defined. Setting the gold standard for scanning since 2002.


Laserwood offers high density kiln sticks. You’re paying too much! Let us save you thousands with our new kiln stick products. Proven Performance! Great introductory pricing! Call us for your kiln stick needs.

  • 910-439-8157

Les Drev Mash 2014

15th International Exhibition. Machinery Equipment Tools for Woodworking, Furniture, Timber, Pulp and Paper Industries. 20-23 October 2014


Linco provides construction services.

  • 251-621-8289

Linden Fabricating

Linden Log Ladder: Eliminate Empty Cycles and Log Gaps; Increase Piece Count & Improve Profit

  • Each Step Operates Independantly to CATCH-UP Logs
  • Unscrambles & Singulates a Pile of Logs Up to 30 a Minute
  • Incline and Number of Steps to Suit Elevation and Log Surge Requirements
  • Easy to Install – Ships Complete – Heavy Duty Rugged Design

LMI Technologies

With an industry leading, built-in web user interface and measurement tools, Gocators make high speed 3D scanning of logs and boards easy. Detect more defects and create a superior optimized solution using the 3D profile data and 2D image output by the Gocator.


With an industrial machine from Logosol you will increase your capacity and profitability. Our wide range stretches from truly small scale up to machines with industrial capacity. Each product is covered by generous warranties and technical support. Doing business with Logosol is safe!

Matrix Northwest

Optimize your entire condensate return and steam distribution system. Our sawmill steam environment conversions have a real advantage- just ask Angus Low, Dry Kiln Supervisor for Hampton Lumber’s Cowlitz mills. Angus chose Matrix Northwest to optimize his mills’ steam utilizing rugged Enercon Systems’ permanent venturis. A sized right, guaranteed solution that delivers increased fuel efficiency, strong ROI, and better control over every charge.

McDonough Manufacturing

For 125 years, you have trusted McDonough’s reputation for quality and service when choosing Band Mills, Linebar Resaws, Horizontal Resaws and Carriages. The tradition continues: Optimized Linear Edgers, Optimized Transverse Edgers, Gang Edgers, and Optimized Combination Edgers.


Strong and intelligent band saws!

HTZ 1300 SP Plus

  • wide blade precision and speed; 7″ (180 mm) single cut or 8″ (200 mm) double cut blades; diameter of the flywheels 52″ (1300 mm); fully automatic with intelligent setworks; time saving and optimisation features; weight 29000 lbs (13 tons)

Metal Detectors, Inc.

In an economy where every penny counts, successful mills know that keeping metal out of their line means keeping money in their pockets. Whether planning our new line or needing to retrofit, installing an MDI metal detector will save you money in costly downtime and damaged equipment.


Model 7200 High Capacity Lumber Tester (HCLT)

  • Provides local E for trim-to-upgrade decisions for structural dimension lumber
  • Every piece is stress tested with design-level bending stress
  • Removes the kind of low-strength and low-stiffness pieces that cause trouble for you and your customers
  • Resolves slope-of-grain issues

Microtec SRL Gmbh

CT.LOG kicks off a new era of value optimization in the timber working industry:

  • go digital: introducing fully digital log and stem description, including size and position of all relevant wood defects;
  • real-time virtual cutting & grading: the optimization software simulates various breakdown situations and assesses for each cutting mask the resulting quality and value of the final products;
  • value optimization: optimization based on quality and value is a leap forward compared to traditional yield optimisation.

Mid-South Engineering

We have over 43 years of experience throughout North America and around the globe.

  • Lumber, Plywood, Veneer Pelleting, & BioEnergy
  • Cogeneration & Energy Projects
  • Material Handling & Storage
  • Raw Material Resourcing Studies
  • Hardwood
  • Softwood

Midwest Forest Industry Show

The Midwest Forest Industry Show is the premier industry show for the latest in timber harvesting techniques and equipment. Representation from the forest industry will include sawmill machinery, pallet machinery, chippers, de-barkers, chainsaws, logging equipment, trucks, trailers, and service companies.

Modern Engineering

Reduce Your Sawmill Waste and Get Maximum Returns With Our Accuracy Guarantee

Muhlbock Holztrocknungsan

In 1982 Kurt Mühlböck founded the company with only one employee. From the outset Mühlböck specialised in timber drying, and that has continued until this day. The company can draw on the experience of 10,000 lines in operation around the globe.

Northeastern Loggers Assn.

The Award-winning Northeastern Forest Products Equipment Expo in Essex Junction, Vermont. May 9-10, 2014. Hundreds of exhibitors will be at the Champlain Valley Exposition to display the products, tools, and equipment that make hard work more productive and more profitable.

Oleson Saw Technology

Oleson Saw Technology is your single source for band saw blades, circular saw blades, saw maintenance equipment and supplies for the filing room.

  • Highest quality saw blades at the most competitive prices and lead times; Consistent quality because we only use the best raw materials and equipment in our manufacturing process; Industry leader in customer service, engineering, design, and manufacturing

Opticom Technologies

World’s Toughest Industrial CCTV Camera. The industry standard for Sawmills, Pulp/Paper Mills, Panelboard Plants and Wood Biomass Refineries

  • Vibration Resistant; Waterproof, IP68 Rating; 700 TV Line; 2.9, 3.6, 4.3, 6, 8, 12, 16 mm lenses; All Weather, Extreme Environment; Heavy Gauge Di-Cast Metal Alloy & Titanium Components; Tri-Axial Mounting System

Optimil Machinery

Millar Western, Fox Creek. Two High Speed Optimil Canter Lines operating at up to 750 FPM. Designed to handle up to 20″ dia Logs. The Optimized Log Infeed Systems featuring skew/slue and tilt are used to correctly position the logs for maximum recovery and control of log gap.


Prosan 18 (for Spray Application)

  • Broad-spectrum fungicide for wood protection; Controls sapstain and mold on freshly sawn softwood lumber, logs, poles, posts and timbers

Busan 1009 (for Dip Application)

  • Controls fungi and iron tannate stain;Controls sapstain and mold on freshly sawn softwood lumber, logs, poles, posts and timbers; Helps preserve the appearance and value of freshly sawn lumber products

Pantron Automation

Extreme Sensors for harsh areas. Photoelectric sensors for level detection in harsh environments. Inductive proximity sensors for extremely low or high temperatures.

Peninsular Cylinder

Cylinder Solutions for all you Hydraulic and Air Applications. Peninsular’s Proven Cylinder Features Keep Your Plant Up & Running!

  • Standard & Custom Cylinders; Smart Cylinders; All Cylinder Optional Features

Piper’s Saw Shop

Circle Saws, Red Streak Band Saws, Chipper Knives, Saw Bits & Shanks. Your source for Everything Simonds

Price LogPro LLC

Price LogPro Cranes have set the industry standard quality, durability, low maintenance and dependable service since 1988. Price LogPro Rotary Log Cranes are powered by extreme/severe duty electronic motors and flux vector drives that eliminate the environmental concerns of leaking hydraulics. Our efficient log cranes can save over a dollar per ton of logs handled when compared with diesel powered rubber tire log loaders.

Pro Mac Manufacturing

Your One Source for Edger Parts!

We specialize in quality edger replacement parts. Pro Mac’s complete machining and fab facility supplies parts & components to the forest industry.

Progress Industries

When we say Progress Industries, Inc. offers a full line, we mean we expertly design, manufacture and install complete wood utilization equipment and systems. Plus we quality build them (heavy-duty standard), and provide quality services from your specs through delivery, installation and beyond.

Quality Mill Service

S M Cyclo Reducer Inventory, S M Cyclo Inventory, Welded Steel Chain Inventory, Roller Chain Inventory, Roller Chain Inventory, V-Belt Inventory, Bearing Inventory, Crayon Inventory, Log & Lumber handling inventory, Sprocket Sales and Service.

Redwood Plastics

Channel Chang-Out Frustrations? Redco Titanium and Redco PVM last longer than UHMW and have increased slip to extend chain life and reduce power consumption.

Rema Sawco

RemaSawco has extensive experience in all aspects of sawmill production from log sorting to the finished product. Sophisticated measuring systems using the latest technology ensures you get the most out of your raw material, delivering the correct products to your customers and increasing the profitability of your operation.

Satsop Business Park

Request for Proposals, Pacific Northwest Manufacturing Facility at Satsop Business Park

255,000 sq. ft. facility with manufacturing equipment; Complete info at


We can promise that our product line – the RS family – covers the whole production chain from log sorting, optimisation in the saw mill, to quality sorting in the dry sorter. All our products are developed in-house and we are independent from machine suppliers. These facts make us unique.

SCS Forest Products

Introducing the Kilnscout. The first wireless, in-kiln moisture meter.

Select Sawmill

High Production Layouts. Double-Cut Blade Technology for seamless back and forth sawing up to 3 feet per second.


Purpose-built from the ground up. Log Loaders from Sennebogen – 44,000 lbs. to 750,000 lbs. Simple design… Lift more. Move faster. Save fuel. Run longer.

  • Dual Transmissions For Extra Pulling Strength; Fuel Efficient/ Long Life and Easy Maintenance; More Elevation for Accurate Loading; Built-In Safety, Productivity and Comfort; OEM Attachments for Many Applications

Sering Sawmill Machinery

Superior T1 Turning Bar profiled for extra strength with added support for all tooth pins, etc.

Ergonomic. Precision wrist action Remote controls with the added comfort of our seven function Sering control handle and adjustable sawyers control stand – all standard.

Heavy Duty application. Designed cylinders with oversized everything and equipped with our universal flex mount for reduced stress.

Sierra Pacific Industries

We are an innovative and progressive company that takes pride in our products. We desire individuals that possess the talent and skills necessary to drive production results through optimizing motion control and PLC programs. Challenge your skills, build your future, and join our team.

Simonds International

Simonds has been supplying innovative, high quality tools to industry for over 180 years. Good times and bad, Simonds has been – and will be – there for you. Choose genuine Simonds Saws, Knives, Equipment and OEM Parts to give you an edge, The Professionals’ Edge.

Simply Computing

Log Scaling Pro

  • Handheld Batch Collection, Voice Data Collection, Pile Inventory/Tagged Logs, Contract Payments, Multiple Species, Log Rules, Yards, Bar-Coding

Lumber Inventory

  • Bar Code Inventory, Kiln Tracking, Bin Sorter Interface, Rough & Dressed Inventory, Radio Frequency Real Time Data, Orders/Shipping/Invoicing

Smith Sawmill Service

By adding the latest next generation Vollmer oil cooled grinders to its filing room facility, Smith Sawmill Service now offers over 15,000 square feet of operations to help sawmills reach their goals. Starting with the best plates from Peerless Saw, the experts at Smith manufacture and sell the industry’s best new Guided Edger Saws, giving you the best and sharpest possible “cutting edge”. And we back them with over 200 yeaers of combined family owned and operated experience and the best customer service you’ll find anywhere!

Smithco Manufacturing

With Smithco’s dry kiln propellers, you’ll never worry about keeping up with your orders. And with production orders rising, that can mean big profits for your dry kiln operations.

  • 84″ 12-blade and 60-76″ 6- and 8-blade models available; Fully reversible for uniform drying cycle; Maximum air flow with any size motor and propeller speed; Permanent-mold aluminum blades and hubs, heat-treated for longest kiln life

Soderhamn Eriksson

Give your Cambio a bit of fresh air with our Air-Ten Tool tension system

  • Fits your rotor as is; Faster adjustment of tool tension; Reliable air bags; Less downtime; Fewer components


Timber processing dust is dangerous—mill explosions have made that painfully clear. But cleaning it up can be challenging. How can you keep your plant clean when the dust is heavier than normal? Or drier? Or when the particle sizes vary so greatly? SonicAire 2.0 is the answer to all those questions. It still uses our proven Barrier Aire Technology to create an overhead barrier to control fugitive dust. But the SonicAire 2.0 fan uses new technology designed to combat the problems unique to heavier fugitive dust.

Southern Lumber

With lengths up to 26 feet, and widths from 2×6 up to the gargantuan 2×12, Southern Lumber gives you a sizeable advantage. Now producing 5/4×6 Radius Edge Decking.

Taylor Machine Works

Defining the difference

  • In Quality
  • In Support
  • In Service

Timber 2013

This biannual show is hosted by the Pennsylvania Forest Products Association ( and Penn State University on a 55-acre show site with indoor and outdoor exhibit space. This show features seminars, active demonstrations, free admission and parking.

TS Manufacturing

Dependable equipment for your sawmill.

  • Bandmills & Resaws
  • Tilt Hoists & Edgers
  • Trimmers & Sorters
  • Debarket Systems
  • or our new, retro-fittable, Stick Placing Systems

U.S. Blades

From the Green End to the Planer Mill, U.S. Blades is your single source supplier of high quality knives, saws and related maintenance supplies for Sawmills. With locations to serve mills throughout the Southern wood belt to the Northeast, U.S. Blades is here to support the Sawmill Industry providing new products as well as repair services. U.S. Blades knives and saws are “Feared By Trees Everywhere”.

U.S. Metal Works

Custom Steel Fabrication and Installation Professionals

  • Chip storage, mechanical and pneumatic conveying; Dust control systems, blowers, fans, and cyclones; A one-stop shop for your metal fabrication needs; 30+ years of industrial manufacturing experience


Our customers require flexible solutions that meet their application needs. USNR Edger systems deliver. USNR manufacturers edger systems for the widest range of applications. Combining renowned scanning and optimization, the latest advances in process control, and innovative machine design, USNR edger systems are flexible enough to meet the demands of a complex market.

Ustunkarli Marangoz

Looking for partners…. One of the biggest sawmill machine manufacturer is looking for reliable, effective partnerships…

  • Log edging machine with circular saws (prisma); Log edging machine with band saws (twin and quadro); Log band saw and carriages; Sorting lines for logs and timber; Log trimmers
  • Multi rip saws and parallel board edgers; Trimmer saws with conveyor systems; Re-saws (vertical and horizontal); Logs debarking lines; Board trimmers

Utility Composites

Raptor staples won’t set off metal detectors, will remain in the wood, won’t damage blades, won’t rust, perform at low temperatures, are RF and microwave safe, securely hold tags and wraps.


With industry-leading experience, Valutec supplies progressive kilns that combine flexible, optimum-quality drying solutions with high capacity. Our control systems and simulators enable property control that can be based on a number of different parameters. Everything from energy optimisation to capacity and quality. Allowing our simulators to optimise new drying programmes avoids costly running-in periods.

Veneer Services

Butt Flare Reducer: Our automatic butt flare reducers are fast and easy to use, with no more uneven logs rolling on the deck, slab flares jamming the conveyor and chipper, or wasted passes on sawheads for flare removal. The flare holds the most dirt and needs to be removed early in the milling process. Processing speeds of up to 7 logs per minute can be achieved with simple one button operation. ‘Load it and forget it’ technology lets one operator run both the flare reducer and the debarker.

VK North America

  • Rotor Sizes 17″-36″ Single and Dual Rotor Combinations
  • VK Self-Centering Infeed COnveyors up to 36″
  • Latest Technology and Controls

Vollmer Of America

As a sharpening service you need to meet a multitude of requirements-and do so quickly, reliably and with a high level of precision. VOLLMER supports you: with a large portfolio of innovative sharpening machines, specially adapted to meet your requirements. With an extensive accessories catalogue-and, last but not least, strong services. For the highest possible quality of results and level of efficiency.

Wagner Electronics Producers

You are invited to join a forum that is focused on all aspects of lumber drying, where our panel of esteemed industry experts has weighed in on over 95 relevant topics. Some of the top viewed issues are:

  • Mixing wood thicknesses when stacking; General dry kiln maintenance/coils and steam traps
  • Dry kiln schedules/different thicknesses of the same species; Planer skip and balancing final EMC/minimum cooling down time for lumber equilibration.

Waneshear Technologies

WaneShear Technologies would like to thank Scotch Gulf Lumber Co. for being our technology partner in the development of the WaneShear System. The fastest edger system in the world! Thanks Mitch, Sandy, Ben, Jack, Donnie, Fred, Nathan, Ryan, Tim, Danny, Terry, Robin, Robert, Wood, Hot Rod Claude, Hunter and the rest of the crew. Especially Willis the operator!

Weinig Group

Machines and systems for solid wood processing in WEINIG quality. S4S and profiling, Automation, Tool/grinding systems. Ripping/ cross cutting, Scanner Technology, Optimization. Windows and doors, Furniture, Surface sections. Finger-jointing, Tenoning, Coping.


A proud partner in the Wellons Group of companies, Salem Equipment has been a premium supplier of a wide range of sawmill equipment to the softwood and hardwood lumber industry worldwide for 68 years. Advanced design and rugged construction have made Salem’s products the choice of the world’s leading major and independent sawmill operations.

West Coast Industrial Systems

From concept to completion, we are dedicated to providing our customers with safe, innovative industrial systems; committed to quality service and craftmanship for over 25 years.

  • Engineering, Manufacturing & Construction; Project Management from start to finish; One-stop shopping for projects large and small; Capital Project Planning

West Salem Machinery

  1. Simple Effective Design. Effective gravity feed with the proper infeed & discharge design deliver optimal performance.
  2. High Production. Heavy duty rotor with powerful grinding action delivers higher thru-put.
  3. Consistent Product Sizing. Numerous rotor & hammer styles & many screen options for uniform and product sizing.
  4. High Quality Construction. Reliable long term operation & proven customer satisfaction.

Wood-Mizer/Industrial Blades

Wood-Mizer uses the best equipment and employs an entire team of blade professionals to provide quality blades that are profile ground from tip to tip and quality tested to ensure they meet Wood-Mizer’s stringent standards.

Z-Tec Automation Systems

A growing number of market leaders are taking advantage of WinJet II – the simplest, yet most powerful printing solution available today.