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Tips On How To Create A Hand Safety Culture

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Every year, millions of workers get injured on the job, and a significant number of reported occupational injuries are hand related. But some of the best companies have managed to reduce hand injuries by 50, even 90 percent. How?

Start at the Top

If your company is committed to creating a hand safety culture, start with management. This empowers everyone else in the workplace.

Learn what the best companies do

Companies that have managed to reduce hand injuries significantly have a hand safety program customized to their unique industry needs.

Achieve Team Buy In

What works?

  • Make stats personal. People respond to stories of practical examples.
  • Start small. This helps people to buy into a cause.
  • Use positive peer pressure. It is more effective than financial rewards, especially in a public setting.
  • The IKEA effect. People place far more value on things they have helped build.
  • Nudge Theory. With a few well-placed nudges—subtle cues and triggers using visual elements—you can influence workers to embrace safety practices.

Safety program tips:

  • Use detailed stats that allow actionable steps to keep workers safer.
  • Stay away from dull or non-credible trainers. A good trainer uses feedback to re-adjusts the training program.
  • Avoid poor quality PPE as it ends up costing more in the long run and is harmful to workers.
  • Appreciate the diversity of your workforce and try to bring everybody into the conversation.
  • Use gamification to award positive activities like wearing PPE and attending training sessions.

Remember! The best companies work toward ZERO accidents as a goal. For a more in-depth discussion on building an effective hand safety program, get your free copy of the hand safety book, REThinking Hand Safety, by author and Vice President of Superior Glove, Joseph Geng. The book offers practical and effective techniques to improve your hand safety program—techniques that come with years of experience and expertise that can be applied immediately for results.

Request your free copy here.

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